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Wood Wall Art: Decor To Add Rustic Farmhouse Charm To Your Room

Wood wall art provides a hint of rustic farmhouse charm to any home or office décor. Decorative wood wall art is a hot trend in interior decorating. A quick search on Pinterest will provide thousands of search results. Perfect for bathrooms, kids’ rooms, or even the main living area, wooden wall art brings a touch of nature into your space. In this article, I break down this growing style.


Using decorative wood wall art as your statement wall art piece sets the tone for the room décor. Wood wall art is both natural and rustic, so a large panel piece will add warmth and charm.

When choosing a wood wall art subject as a statement piece, remember that because wood is a natural material you should be intentional in choosing the subject on the panel. Choosing a natural subject matter will match the natural material, bringing in more warmth. Choosing a cityscape or industrial subject can juxtapose the natural material of the panel and can enhance the look of rustic industrial décor. Either of the options for wood wall art is fine as long as the choice is intentional.



Wooden wall art can be a stylish addition to a gallery wall. Gallery walls are formal groupings of art that work together to create a look and feel for a room.  For more about gallery walls, see my article on 8 Tips For Hanging Wall Art Like A Pro. Wood wall art in a grouping of other art is a great way to bring a natural element into the décor and add a touch of farmhouse, coastal, rustic or nature to the wall.

Depending upon your décor objectives, the wooden wall art can act as a statement piece or as an accessory in the gallery wall grouping. If your style objective is to bring nature or warmth to the gallery wall, using the wood wall art to anchor your grouping can be just the answer. I recommend if this is your objective to place the wooden wall art at the bottom left or in the center of the grouping to help achieve balance and proper weighting of your gallery wall.  The wood wall art should be larger than the accessory pieces to create a statement for the overall look and feel of the wall.



Decorative wood wall art fits into a salon-style wall grouping and can reflect your personality into the space. Salon-style means creating a crowd of artwork on the wall space that both compliments and juxtaposes each other, which is why wooden wall artworks so well for the style. If you use a rustic, coastal, or nature theme for your salon-style grouping adding an industrial or rustic subject on natural wood can create the juxtaposition the style demands. For more about how to create a salon-style wall, see my article on 8 Tips For Hanging Wall Art Like A Pro.



When choosing decorative wood wall art there are things to consider besides how it will physically fit in the space.  Fine art photographs printed onto a wood panel offer the most versatility in the subject matter without the worry of décor becoming too trendy or kitsch.

Certain subjects lend themselves better to wood wall art than others.  If you want the natural appearance of the wood to show through the image, choosing a photograph with a lot of white in the image will allow the grain of the wood to show through.  White in the printing process of a photograph is the absence of color.  Therefore, when printing a photograph on wood, unless a white finish is first applied to the wood, all-white areas of a photograph will appear like natural wood. the lighter the ink color, the more wood will show through in your wall art. Choosing a person as the subject matter for decorative wood wall art may not look as good unless you are seeking for a person’s skin tone to appear as light-wood grain.




Fine art photography shot in high-key (where white is the main background) is particularly well suited for wood wall art. All areas of the high-key photograph that is white will appear like natural wood. Other fine art photography styles may not be as well suited for wood wall art.  Low-Key fine art photography (where black is the main background) will not allow for much of the natural wood color to show through the image.  Black and white fine art photography is also a good choice in styles for wood wall art.  The white areas of the black and white image will appear like natural wood and can create a high-contrast image for your décor.


Wood wall art provides a great way to bring natural materials to your home wall decor. Decorative wood wall art is trending in interior decorating as evidenced on Pinterest. Perfect for bathrooms, kids’ rooms, or even the main living area, wooden wall art brings a touch of nature into your space. Will you try this option for your wall art?

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