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The temptation is to focus on the stunning window and forget to look through it, where a treat lies. A sky that’s blue as if it were almost day is combined with the beautiful night time stars to give you one of Fine Arts Enhanced’s most special treats with a juxtaposition that won’t soon stop being talked about.


My usual way of photographing is very unrestrained: I ramble through a location and capture what my heart sees. I house my camera on a harness or shoulder sling and fire shots at will. It’s a free spirt way of photographing, more diffused way of working.

On my trip to the Canyonlands in Utah much of the work was more deliberate, keeping the camera on a tripod, setting up having prepped my viewing spot and lighting ahead of time.

Such was the case with this image. I arrived early, set up my camera at the exact angle I wanted.

I brought with me the lighting equipment I wanted to use. Partners in crime assisted in light-painting the arch while I long-exposured the image, balancing the sky vs the lighting of the arch itself.

Too long and the stars become streaks across the sky, too short and the arch does not glow. It was a fun shoot. I hope you enjoy!

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