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Large Wall Art: 5 Tips to Consider Before Buying

Large Wall Art: 5 Tips to Consider Before Buying

Large wall art is an exciting and easy way to update your home décor or office décor. A large statement piece can dramatically change the overall feel of a space. Large wall décor is a beautiful addition to homes of any style or size. Large artwork can fit on most wall space. When a question exists on what size is better, bigger is usually the answer. This article will provide you with 5 considerations for buying large wall art.


Large artwork makes a statement without the commitment to painting an entire wall as an accent. Large wall art is more flexible than an accent wall as it can be easily changed out.  That said, how large should a statement piece be? As I discussed in my article, What is the Right Sized Art For Your Room? Learn How to Choose in 5 Steps, art should fill two-thirds of the available wall space. If you are looking to purchase a single large artwork as a statement piece, chances are this piece will need to be larger than you were originally considering.

When thinking about what space you have available for art on a wall, think about the viewing height for the work.   The center of the artwork should be viewed at the standard person’s height.  For most situations, this would be around five-foot, eight inches (give or take an inch or two). Keep the art at least a foot above furniture and below the ceiling. These guidelines will assist you in choosing large wall art for your space.


When buying large wall décor, the artwork should not overshadow the environment it will reside within. Consider the furniture around the artwork before you buy. Large statement pieces should not be more than two-thirds the size of the furniture it will be next to in the space.  Consider a large artwork over a sofa, it should be two-thirds the length of the sofa.  Statement artwork should not be larger than the sofa itself. This rule will help you to blend the large artwork into your existing décor.


Large wall art requires special consideration in selecting a frame. The larger the artwork, the larger the frame itself will be in comparison.  When considering the space available for the artwork, do not forget to add the extra inch to 6 inches on each edge for framing and matting depending on your choice of options.  This can create a very large blank area or fancy frame which can dominate your new statement piece.

A simple frame is the best option if a frame is required for the artwork.  Even better may be an option to display the work without a frame.  Photographs and prints on metal, wood, or acrylic will allow a frameless display of the piece and are ideal options


Hanging large wall art can be a challenge.  Large artwork is typically heavy and requires sturdy mounting. Using multiple mounting points with anchors and screws into wall studs can ensure your new statement piece will not come crashing down. As discussed in my article, How to Hang Art On Walls Without Making Holes: 7 Ideas, large wall art can also be displayed nicely on easels if putting large holes in your walls is not an option. Easels can be found at art supply stores and some framing stores.  Be sure to look for sturdy easels used by artists when considering displaying large artwork.  These displays can be heavy and smaller, less sturdy easels may topple under the weight of the large artwork.

Another option for displaying large artwork is to take inspiration from artist studios.  Leaning artwork against the wall can be a dynamic and contemporary display method. By stacking multiple large pieces along a wall, you can create a multidimensional look much like the display shelf but on a larger scale. Moving pieces around to change the dominant colors that are visible is a snap with this method.


Buying large wall art is an investment.  You could go to a gallery to purchase and they will have a selection of artists and works available.  Another popular option is to buy directly from the artist themselves.  To find an artist to purchase from, searching Instagram and other social media accounts is a great way to find and follow an artist’s work. This will allow you to develop a relationship with the artist and ensure you feel comfortable that the artwork you are investing in will retain its value. In my article, Why Art As An Investment Now, I discuss the value of art as an investment.  When purchasing a large artwork consider it an investment that will hold its value (or increase) over time.

Buying large wall art has many considerations. Before you invest in a sizable piece, be certain that you have the information at hand to make a wise decision. A large statement piece can dramatically change the overall feel of a space.

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